Short Hair Cut$45
Medium Hair Cut$65
Long Hair FROM$85
Fringe Trim$13
Razor Cuts$10
Short Hair Wash + Dry OR Straighten$38
Medium Hair Wash + Dry OR Straighten$48
Long Hair Wash + Dry OR Straighten$65
Short Cut + Wash + Dry$65
Medium Cut + Wash + Dry$85
Long Cut + Wash + Dry$115
Ladies Styles
Restyle Medium – Short Cut + Wash + Dry$85
Restyle Long Cut + Wash + Dry$95
Set - Short$25/35
Set - Medium$46/$55
Set - Long$65
Up Style Short$65
Up Style Medium$100
Up Style LongFROM $100
Wedding PackagesPOA
Semi$70 - $115+
TintsFROM $70
Tints all overFROM $85
StreaksFROM $65
TonersFROM $15
2 Colours Extra$85 - $125
Ombre/BalayageFROM $175
Treatments$35 - $55
Full Head Foils$120 - $180
1/2 Head Foils$80-$120
3/4 Head Foils$100-$150
T Section$60-$100
Foils – Up to 8$52-$76
Foils Individually$8-$9.50
Reverse Perm$100 - $250
Spiral Perm$180 - $300
Brow Wax$20
Lip Wax$10
Lash Tint$18
Brow Tint$15
Cut + Wash$35
Style Cut w/ Wash$45
Clipper Cut$10-$15
Full Head Colour$65
Regrowth Only$55
Streaks Short Hair$55
KIDS – 5 Years + Under
Boys Cut$10
Girls Cut$15
+ Dry$5
5 Years – 12 Years
Boys Hair $15
Girls Hair$20
+ Wash$5
+ Dry$5
12 Years – 16 Years
Boys Cut$20
Boys Cut + Wash + Dry$30
Girls Cut$35
Girls Short Hair Cut + Wash + Dry$45
Girls Medium/Long Cut + Wash + Dry$55
ABOVE + Curls or Straightening Extra$10
Formal Up Styles FROM$80

Picasso’s Hope Island Hair and Beauty

Hair Services

Come to see Picasso’s Hope Island hair and beauty salon for your cut and colour, sleek blow dry, up-styles and event packages. As Hairdressers we understand the importance of personalising your style and offer the following services:

  • Ladies cut, colour and wash packages
  • Mens cut, colour and wash packages
  • Professional cuts for Short and Long styles
  • Up styles for your special occasions
  • Wedding packages for Brides and Bridesmaids
  • Bleach Foils
  • Perms
  • Waxing
  • Children cuts and wash from 5 – 16 years

Beauty Services

Our Beauty Salon in Hope Island will provide you with professional waxing and tinting services. Whether it is the perfect brow shape or a personalised tint to emphasise your lashes, our beautician can meet your requests.

For your convenience, refer to the services and pricing guide on the right hand side.

Please note that the pricing shown is a guide and is subject to change depending on the characteristics of your hair. Please enquire with one of our Hope Island Hair and Beauty professionals if you have any questions prior to or at your appointment.